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If you are a serious attorney who handles medical negligence claims, I can help you screen cases and find excellent physician expert witnesses. You'll like working with me because I understand the issues you care about.

I'm Greg Kane MD. I started helping attorneys with med mal cases in the 1980s; I've done med mal work exclusively since 1998 — 'cause I like it. I can't make your med-mal practice easy, but I can make it less difficult than it is now.

What successful attorneys say

Jeff Laird, Jr.
36 years experience
Member, Million Dollar Advocates Forum— jury trial verdict of more than one million dollars.

Laird, Hammons, Laird PLLC
Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
405-703-4567 / 866-846-1667

"I have practiced law in Oklahoma for thirty six years, exclusively representing plaintiffs in civil cases. In 2004 a fellow trial lawyer told me about Greg Kane and the great job he does. Since that time I have not filed a single medical negligence case without first obtaining an opinion from Dr. Kane.

"He has always been direct in his communications with me and doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear but honestly evaluates each case. Dr. Kane has saved me countless sums in case expenses by helping me know which cases to take and which cases to turn down.

"I recommend Dr. Kane without reservation."

Case Review
When I review medical records for you, you won't get a guess from your brother-in-law's dermatologist, you'll get a dispassionate expert understanding, element by element, of the strengths and weaknesses of a potential professional negligence claim. Armed with that you'll make informed business decisions about what cases you can win, and what cases you're likely to spend thousands losing. You'll file claims knowing the one medical error that caused all the later damages. You'll know who you should name, who you must name and who you don't have to. If you like, I'll help you predict defense theories and identify the expert testimony you'll need defeat them.

Phone help is FREE. Successful attorneys who've come to rely on my expertise call first and describe the facts of a case to see whether it's worth paying for a detailed review. You should too.

Reviews are $1,100 flat rate. All specialties except ophthalmology and dentistry. Opinion letter from a licensed doctor (me), no extra charge. Turn around less than two weeks, sooner if you need.

Reviews are EASY 

1) Call for scheduling   

2) Put the records in a box with your check for $1,100 and mail to

Expert Witness Referral
One reason you'll come to trust my reviews is that, because I no longer treat patients, I don't testify. You can be confident I'm not shading opinions in search of expensive testimony fees. But when your claim gets to the point you need a testifying expert, I'm here to help. I have referral arrangements with more than three thousand physician expert witnesses, in all specialties, in all parts of the country. Your expert will be in active practice, board certified and testimony experienced. Your short, simple contract with me guarantees you'll get an expert you're happy with, or you'll get your money back.

Referrals are $500, one time flat fee. Compared with other brokers, you'll save thousands of dollars, because you pay me only one up front referral fee. I don't add anything to the expert's hourly fees. The expert will charge for his/her time.

Fast, affordable expert medical help is a phone call away.

What successful attorneys say

Robin M. Webb
Former VA Attorney
Veterans Advocate
Taking cases before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Nashville, TN

So often, VA disability claims are denied because the medical evidence necessary to grant the claim is either missing completely or of such inferior quality that it is worthless. Dr. Kane is an invaluable resource in this area, providing affordable, high-quality initial assessment, feedback, and opinions, effectively filling in this “missing piece of the puzzle.” He mixes his medical knowledge with his background in statistics, producing truly useful work product. I never regret turning to him for analysis.

Roger Castle
36 years experience
25 years AV rated
Colorado "Super Lawyer" — top 5% of attorneys in his field

Roger T. Castle, P.C.
Denver, Colorado
303-731-0485 / 888-717-7805

"When I need help finding an expert doctor, Greg Kane is always the first person I call. The reasons are many. He is always fair in his charges. He often helps me above and beyond the scope of my contract. He does not charge or get a “cut” on the doctor/ witnesses’ charges. He has already vetted the doctors and gives me good insight into what I can expect from a particular doctor.

"I get the personal attention of him, not some assistant. He is pleasant to deal with and always helpful. And most important, he is very honest. I am grateful to know him and work with him. He is a breath of fresh air compared to other such services that I have used."

Robert Legg
Represents veterans and their families in claims against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Robert W, Legg, Esq
Arlington, Virginia

"I practice medical disability law. A key issue facing attorneys who take medical claims is screening— any one case can absorb an enormous amount of resources, both time and money, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. Dr. Kane has really helped me focus my resources on appropriate claims.

"Obtaining credible medical evidence to support a claim is critical to my practice. Over the past few years Dr. Kane’s opinions and expertise have helped me obtain more than $2,000,000 in back awards to clients."

Monty Cain
17 years experience

Monty L. Cain, PC
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma1

"I have used Dr. Kane for several years to do an initial review of my medical negligence cases. Using Dr. Kane has made me money and, just as important , has saved me money. His charges are reasonable, he is very thorough, he gives a trustworthy medical opinion as to whether a case has merit, and he is particularly helpful at discussing the economic feasibility of potential claims.

In addition, I have used his medical expert witness referral service and he has always provided me with excellent well qualified experts."

John Aylward
36 years experience
417 W. Mountain Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

"Since 2001 I have depended upon Greg Kane to provide me with thorough and well-reasoned assessments of my medical negligence cases. Dr. Kane is very frank in his evaluations, giving me both the positive aspects and the potential pitfalls of the cases I send him.

"When I have asked him to locate testifying experts for me, he has always found physicians of excellent credentials who have proven to be quite willing to work with me.

" I recommend Dr. Kane without reservation."




For injured patients and families

I review medical records exclusively for attorneys. If you or a loved one are the victim of medical malpractice, what I do is not what you need. You should contact an attorney immediately. Your state's bar association can refer you to attorneys specializing in medical malpractice.

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